New Pickleball Paddle: Introducing the KAYAA XD45 Tactical Paddle

New Pickleball Paddle: Introducing the KAYAA XD45 Tactical Paddle

KAYAA Sports is excited to release the first of its kind. Do away with the ordinary, every-day pickleball paddles and step your game up with the KAYAA XD45 Tactical Paddle. Made with a battlefield mindset for those going to pickleball war, the XD45 Tactical Paddle is guaranteed to help you dominate your opponents. 

Features include a proprietary AccuGrip 5000 grip which is designed to give you maximum accuracy on the picklefield. Recovering from a deep return? Not to worry, the built-in 10x scope with laser cut precision glass is sure to help you smash a perfect shot right between your opponents eyes...I mean...between your opponents. When your game is hot, the unique Pickle Rail Handguard helps to keep your hands cool while giving you a firm double-grip on your XD45. And finally, the camouflage design allows you to move discretely across the picklefield without being seen by your opponents. Imagine the look on their faces when they see a ball being returned from who-knows-where!

Sign up to our newsletter to stay up to date. This limited release will retail for $800, also making it the most expensive, most high-end pickleball paddle on the market.

STAY ready so you don't have to GET ready! And Happy April!


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